Monitored Alarm Systems

A Monitored home is a safer home:

·        You're three times less likely to get broken into

·        84% of all burglars will avoid a home with a monitored home alarm

We offer complete peace of mind:

·        You’ll be alerted immediately should someone even attempt to gain access to your home

·        Your home and family is protected 24/7, 365 days of the year.

·        So, when you’re on your family holiday or out on a school run you’ll have total peace of mind

Avail of costs savings:

·        Home Insurance providers offer up to 15% discounts to monitored customers as your risk of a potential claim is dramatically reduced

·        With our GSM and WIFI enabled system there’s no need for a costly landline

A modern solution that works for you

·        Our ZeroWire™ system can offer you complete home automation syncing with

o   Smart plugs and LED Lights

o   Smoke Alarms

o Cameras

o   Locks and many more Z-Wave enabled products

·        Our Alarm easily adapts to your needs and is pet friendly

·        We offer a tamper proof system so you’ll always be one step ahead of a potential burglar

Finally, your new alarm is completely App enabled which means you can control everything from any iPhone or Android device


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How Our Alarm Monitoring Works:

Dual Monitoring: 

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Our dual monitoring system monitors both interior and perimeter of your home, so we'll notify you if someone even attempts to gain access. Once a motion sensor is then triggered, the nearest mobile Garda unit will be immediately dispatched to your home. Dual verification monitoring allows us to send to Gardaí in the exact moment the motion sensor is activated.

Immediate Response: 

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When alerted to any attempted break-in we respond immediately. Giving you complete peace of mind that your home is fully protected. All of our customers are monitored 24/7, all year round, by Chubb Ireland, one of the most trusted names in Irish security and their response time is second to none.

Garda Response:

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Customers can provide up to five contacts to ensure we can always reach someone. If a break-in is confirmed we notified the Gardaí immediately. Unlike other companies, HomeSecure register your address on the Garda Divisional Control Centre guaranteeing the fastest possible response time


WE HAVE AN OFFER WAITING FOR YOU: Whether you have a house alarm that isn't monitored, you already have a monitored alarm and you want to switch provider or you have never had an alarm and want to install one we have a fantastic offer waiting for you. Sale now on our monitored home alarm. Join our 14,000 customers who are receiving 24/7 monitoring.