HomeSecure Alarm Pack

 home secure alarm system pack

home alarm panel

Our alarm panel is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. The panel is mounted to your wall, usually in your hallway; this is where you input your four-digit alarm code to disarm your alarm.

The panel also comes with emergency keys, which just needed to be pressed down for three seconds to alert the relevant authorities. 





Intruder Deterrent Alarm Box

If this is your home alarm, you can switch to HomeSecure and we will take over your monitoring, saving you hundreds on your monitoring bills.


COntact sensor

Contact sensor is used for...


Internal Sensors

Our internal sensors are used to detect movement in your home. 


Inertia Sensor

These sensors are used to detect openings....


Placed on doors and vulnerable windows

 home alarm app homesecure

SmartPhone App

Get our free app as part of our standard home security pack. The app is available to download on Apple's App Store and Android's Play Store.

The app enables you to arm and disarm your alarm from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connect. Have you ever wondered if you've set the alarm and drove home to double check? Now with our easy to use app, simply check the status of your alarm.

Our Alarm Pack is flexible to suit your needs

There's no one way to secure a home, but we will always secure your doors, because over half of all break-ins occur through a front, back or side door. The Gardaí also require at least motion sensor to help verify break-ins. If a perimeter and motion sensor are both triggered, then it's immediately treated as a verified break-in and the Gardaí can be dispatched.

On the day of the installation the engineer will got through your home and recommend the best places for the different sensors. They will always ask your opinion and set up our pack around to fit your every day life.

All our sensors are pet friendly and they are angled in a way that your pet won't set off the alarm. 

They will also help set up your app on the day of the installation.