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 HomeSecure house alarm system

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ZeroWire™ Alarm Details

 HomeSecure house alarm system pack

Our ZeroWire™ house alarm system, is fitted with state of the art technology, but it remains easy to use. 

The ZeroWire™ alarm secures both the interior and perimeter of your home. On the perimeter we protect your most vulnerable areas; your front and back doors. We also cover any easily accessible windows. On the inside of your house, we use motion sensors to catch any burglar who may have forced their way into your home. If an intruder triggers a motion sensor, it acts as dual verification, so the Gardaí can be dispatched immediately. Our engineers will advise where best to place your sensors on the day of the installation. They will also seek your input, so your home is protected against burglars and it will suit you family's needs. All our sensors are pet friendly, so your pets won't set off the alarm.

With This Alarm You Get: 

  • ZeroWire™ alarm panel
  • 7 sensors as standard the interior and perimeter of your home (mix of contact, motion, and inertia sensors) 
    • All of our motion sensors are pet friendly
  • HomeSecure Intruder Deterrent AlarmBox for exterior of the house
  • Mobile App giving you remote access from anywhere - Available on App & Play stores

About the HomeSEcure™ alarm

A monitored alarm works as an extra layer of security for your home. There are over 2,000 reported burglaries every month in Ireland (CSO 2016). Don't wait until it's too late to secure your home. Prevent your house from any intruder with our ZeroWire™ alarm system. This alarm has the highest possible European Union security rating for any alarm. All the sensors on this alarm are wireless, making it easier to install and you can even bring it with you if you ever move house. 

Our ZeroWire™ house alarm system works off a GSM card and your WiFi. The GSM is similar to a mobile sim card picks up the strongest possible mobile signal  in your area.  The ZeroWire™ alarm will also work for up to 12 hours in the event of a power cut.

Our burglar alarm system also comes with police, medical and fire buttons, making safety just one button away.