Our mission

Our mission is to provide a friendly, high quality and reliable security service. We want our customers to have guaranteed peace of mind. At all times they should be confident in the knowledge that their homes and families are properly protected from intrusion and burglary.

Our history

HomeSecure is a 100% Irish owned and managed company, which has been in the security business for over a decade. HomeSecure specialise in supplying and installing burglar alarms and systems to residential premises, from apartments and suburban homes to isolated farmhouses, and the houses of high net worth individuals. We also offer alarm and monitoring solution for SME’s

Our people

We have expert field staff throughout the country and provide a full back-up service including maintenance and repairs. All our staff are fully ensured for accidental damage and public liability. We sell and work only with top quality modern systems like UTC and equipment from top manufacturers. All our products are fully EN certified (not just conforming!) to the relevant standards.

Our compliance

All of our work is certified by EQA (Ireland), the independent certification body [European Quality Agency] which covers electronic security systems and alarm monitoring. We are fully licensed by the Private Security Authority (PSA licence 00638) and comply with SR 40: 2005 and EN 50131, the relevant European quality standards for electronic intruder alarm installations.