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Protect your Home and Family

Combining Smart Home monitoring technology and 24/7 assistance with comprehensive home insurance from, now that’s a clever idea! 

HomeSecure customers are statistically 8.5 times less likely to be broken into; that’s why & HomeSecure have developed a Smarter Home Insurance offer which massively reduces your risk of a break in whilst also reducing your home insurance premium. 

Looking for more information on how we can secure your home? Fill in the form for a callback and we can perform a home security assessment on your home.

One of the reasons we selected this system to secure your home is because of its Daily Health Check feature. Each night we dial into your Alarm and verify that all sensors are working correctly. We even check your battery levels so we know we’re offering the highest possible level of protection.

Should the worst happen, you’ve got’s comprehensive home insurance just in case.

If you’re looking for the very best way to secure your home, between and Chubb our monitoring partner, you’ve picked the team you can rely on.

house alarm keypad and sensors
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So happy with the service would highly recommend they are fantastic to deal with. I feel so safe and know they are a call away if needed

Maria, Dublin

We’re Fully Certified!

All of our work is certified by EQA (Ireland), the independent certification body [European Quality Agency] which covers electronic security systems and alarm monitoring. We are Licenced with the Private Security Authority (PSA licence 00638) and comply with SR 40: 2005 and EN 50131, the relevant European quality standards for electronic intruder alarm installations.

HomeSecure systems are built to the highest specifications and are designed to be tamperproof from burglars. All our products meet all relevant standards and are fully EN Certified

Fully Wireless Solution
All Equipment Provided
EQA and PSa regusetred
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EQA cert

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